Osteoarthritis and You – May 15, 2013

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Keeping up with the latest info on osteoarthritis helps you find solutions for your disease. Here is some useful information we have found for you. Remember knowledge is power!

Naturally Treat Osteoarthritis – Rheumatoid Arthritis|Psoriatic Arthritis

In America alone, an estimated 70 million people suffer from the debilitating effects of some form of arthritis or joint pain. Most of the sufferers will seek out expensive medical treatment offering nothing more than harsh side-effects but millions will allow the disease to run its course and make life miserable. But living with it does not have to leave you unable from doing the things you love. In fact, I have 70+ year old customers who write me every week and share how their arthritis is not a problem anymore. But just how did they do it and what’s their secret?

Osteoarthritis- Is it ruining your life?

There are many different forms but the most common form is called osteoarthritis. The most common form affects over 60 million Americans. Osteoarthritis typically effects people who are 35 years of age and older. As a person becomes older, the pain appears after years of wear and tear on the joints between the bones, which is why it is called the ‘degenerative joint disease’. Due to the repeated movement and weight upon the joint, the cartilage begins to break down causing inflammation and pain. Because of the nature of the problem, symptoms become worse and worse over time with use of joints. Normally, it begins at the knees and works its way up to the hips, fingers, spine and more (typically any joint bearing weight or strain).

Does this sound like you and your experience? If so, there is hope to treat it and actually rebuild the cartilage between the joints.

Stop Taking Medication

Medication and treatment varies from patient to patient, and is often a band-aid for the ailment. Let me explain! Doctors often prescribe expensive medications for the sufferer to hide the pain. The problem with hiding the pain is that the degeneration of the joint cartilage continues to occur even if the brain does not register the pain because of the meds. As the pain is hidden, the joint becomes more and more damaged and disfigured. The band-aid of medication is simply a remedy for disaster Read More…


Osteoarthritis patients survive longer after hip resurfacing than replacement

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – Contrary to expectations, metal-on-metal hip resurfacing for osteoarthritis was associated with higher patient survival at 10 years than was total hip arthroplasty in a large, population-based study.

Cumulative mortality rates were 2.8% for hip resurfacing versus 7.3% for cemented total hip replacement (THR; hazard ratio, 0.51). Ten-year mortality rates comparing hip resurfacing to uncemented THR were 2.6% and 3.2%, respectively (HR, 0.64).

Furthermore, the number needed to treat with hip resurfacing to prevent 1 excess death was 29 when compared to cemented THR, and it was 88 when compared to uncemented THR. Read More…

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