This Week in Arthritis Natural Remedies News – March 11, 2013

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Here is this week’s news and information about arthritis and arthritis natural remedies. Every week we bring you the latest informative, unique and interesting news, web-posts and articles about arthritis natural remedies (and arthritis in general)  for the week. Natural Remedies For Psoriatic Arthritis

Around 2% of Caucasians in the United States fall victim to this skin disease. Psoriasis causes skin to become red and scaly and although it can affect any part of the body, it usually seeks out the elbows, knees and scalp. In Europe, some people go to the famous Dead Sea in Israel to find relief. Psoriatic arthritis develops in people that have psoriasis and the ratio is about 2%. The symptoms of this particular form of arthritis are similar to that of rheumatoid arthritis. Most people come down with this disease between the ages of 35 to 45, but of course, there are exceptions.

This form of arthritis is usually caused by psoriatic lesions, which are typical of psoriasis sufferers. These lesions keep re-surfacing once the arthritis has started. For more clarity, think about certain body parts: if you have psoriasis in your nails, for example, you could develop the arthritis in your hand. So basically, this form of arthritis is usually found near a body part affected near where the skin has broken out. On the good side, the flare-ups are usually mild and are not regular.

Although, this is certainly a serious condition, treatments are many and varied. Often doctors recommend certain medications with success. On the other hand, others turn to natural therapies to get pain relief.

If you want to look at natural therapies, then a trip to your local health store might be a good idea. Usually they are very helpful and can give good advice. Another idea would be to visit a naturopath who specializes in arthritis. You can also do research yourself – on the problem to understand it further and also to seek out information about natural remedies.

One of the main remedies you can take is… [Click Here to Read More]

Herbal Remedy for Arthritis Video:
The 2.3.13 Issue

It is sad that Shepherd Strauss and his family had to go through so much physical and emotional pain because of the delay in his diagnosis and treatment. It is sad that his mother feels she cannot trust even the most reputable, well-trained physicians who recommended carefully tested and approved medications. And it is especially sad that other families may choose to delay appropriate treatment of arthritis, hoping for a miracle cure through diet. Before these treatments were available, children with juvenile arthritis often experienced chronic pain, progressive joint damage and sometimes blindness and death. Now most can live normal lives. If arthritis could be successfully treated with diet alone, we would do it. Most pediatric rheumatologists are open to a discussion about incorporating complementary treatment approaches, but it must be guided by the best available evidence to ensure a good outcome. While it is true that we do not know what causes arthritis, we do have proven treatments, and children are harmed when we delay in adequately treating them. ANNE M. STEVENS, M.D., PH.D., Pediatric Rheumatologist, Seattle and HELEN EMERY, M.B.B.S., Pediatric Rheumatologist, Seattle, Member, National Board, Arthritis Foundation

As the mother of a daughter with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, I completely related to the author’s description of her son’s condition at the beginning — walking with a limp, change of personality, loss of appetite, sapped energy. My daughter had not only active arthritis in all of her joints, but she also often had a fever of up to 105 degrees and had pericarditis — swelling around her heart. It has been frightening to give my child medicines off-label, before they are F.D.A.-approved for children. It’s not easy to give your child a daily injection, and have her run and hide in the closet, screaming in tears. It’s not easy, even when you truly believe that you are doing the best thing for her. But when your child’s life is on the line, and she is having suicidal thoughts at 9 years old because of her chronic pain, it’s amazing what you can force yourself to do. Our story ends similarly to the author’s: my daughter is also in remission (and by the way, she eats gluten). She has two titanium hips as a permanent reminder, but she is much like any other healthy, active teenager. Just as the author believes that the plan she followed is the reason for their outcome, I firmly believe that it was the care of our board-certified pediatric specialists, and the advancement of medicine, that led to ours. COLLEEN RYAN, Long Beach, Calif.

I was fortunate to discover… [Read More Here] Natural Health: Arthritis

Q. Some weeks back you responded to a reader looking for alternative natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in her wrist as opposed to the Methotrexate approach.

I took your recommendations and started taking the starflower and evening primrose oil along with krill oil and vitamin D to address an ongoing issue I have with knee inflammation. In the space of 12 hours, the heat had come out of my joint and the pain eased.

It’s four weeks since I started taking the capsules and I can now walk and do light work on the exercise bike, which I was unable to do prior to taking supplements.

Even though the capsules have helped my knee, I may still end up getting a localised injection of  Methotrexate to assist.

Many thanks for pointing out the natural benefits of the starflower and evening primrose oil. I wonder if there are any other natural remedies I could try?

I have discussed anti-inflammatory treatments with my consultant should Methotrexate not work for me, but they are pretty nasty biological treatments.

Arthritis in Knee

A. It is good to hear that the essential fatty acids in starflower (borage) and evening primrose oil have made such a significant difference.

Even starting to address the stiffness, inflammation, and pain is impressive progress indeed.As far as supplementation and natural remedies go, it may be worth looking into something as simple as vitamin C.

If you don’t have enough vitamin C, then the connective tissue and ligaments lose strength, and cartilage deteriorates. A lack in vitamin C is indicated where inflammation is a problem, and of course since this vitamin is crucial to healing — unless you are getting enough, your body will have trouble repairing the damage.Our bodies need vitamin C to… [Read More Here]

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